The primary responsibility to improve labor conditions in the Cambodian garment industry rests with the Cambodian government. But a number of other influential actors—brands, Better Factories Cambodia (BFC), the Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC), and unions—play an important role in ensuring that working conditions in factories adhere to the Labor Law and international standards. While paying attention to individual labor rights concerns, the structural issues that underlie a range of labor rights problems—hiring practices, union-busting strategies, and unauthorized subcontracting—need urgent attention. The vast majority of workers are women and the issues affecting women workers are of particular concern.

To the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

On hiring practices

On unions

On labor inspections

On gender-related concerns

On child labor

To the Ministry of Commerce

To the Royal Government of Cambodia

To International Brands

On transparency and approach to subcontractor factories

On labor compliance and industrial relations

To Better Factories Cambodia

To the Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia

To Unions

To the EU, US, Canada, Japan, and Other Countries Whose Apparel and Footwear Companies Source from Cambodia

To the ILO, UN agencies, the World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, and Other Multilateral and Bilateral Donors to Cambodia